A downloadable game

Join A. Square in discovering the world around. In the strict class scheme of Flatland, highers number of corners in your population decide how complex your buildings can get.

Whilst trying to be true to the world of Flatland, we made some notes in the project wiki on github

Based on xkcd #721, xkcd #256

Install instructions


XKCDLand was made with pygame, and comes as a python package. To install from the zip provided for download here (tested with python2 and 3 on Linux and Mac, tested with Anaconda+Python3 on Windows):
pip install --user xkcdLand.zip 

To install from github:
pip install --user https://github.com/Nanoseb/XKCDLand/archive/master.tar.gz


Run in a terminal: 


It is best to work with python3, since that comes with pip by default, which is not the case for older versions of Python2. Navigate to the location of the downloaded zip file and run
pip install xkcdLand.zip

Due to limited installation options on the machine we had for testing, we got Python3 by installing Anaconda, which comes with an Anaconda Prompt, where all commands given above were tested.


xkcdLand.zip 5 MB


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I don't get how to play it can you please explain to a python noob?

Thanks for letting us know! Looks like we still have a lot to learn on Python packaging... I have tried a couple of things, and hopefully one of the below gets you further. I would be grateful for a feedback if any of this helped/where the explanations are unclear or don't work:

Linux/Mac: Once you have downloaded the file from itch, open a terminal, go into the directory where the file lies (probably [type + hit enter:] cd ~/Downloads ). Then [type + hit enter:] pip install --user xkcdLand.zip If that does not work, unzip it first, then go into the newly created directory and [type + hit enter:] pip install .

It should now play after [type + hit enter:] xkcdland

If it does not, try: [type+hit enter:] cd ~/.local/bin  [type+hit enter:] ./xkcdland

Windows: Apologies, flying a bit blind on this one, since we don't have a Windows machine to test on. Probably the best way forwards is to install cygwin and then using the linux terminal provided through cygwin.

Some alternative ideas:

Open a console by typing 'cmd' in the Windows search in the Start menu, and run the cmd program.

Check that python is installed by seeing if it starts on [type+hit enter:]  python

If python is installed, go to the directory where the game was saved to, then [type + hit enter:] pip install --user xkcdLand.zip If that does not work, unzip it first, then go into the newly created directory and [type + hit enter:] pip install .

Now you should be able to run the executable called xkcdland.

On windows and I tried but I couldn't get anything to work. I'm not a judge so don't worry I would just state this is mac/linux only Thanks!


Oh, that's a shame. I don't think I can change what platforms it is compatible with anymore, but I added a note that it is only tested on Mac and Linux. Many thanks for getting back to us and giving it several tries.

Found an actual windows machine and updated the instructions :) A little bit more complicated than Linux...